Sitting around the Water-Cooler this morning, talk turned to home screens. I uploaded a photo of mine to compare with others.

Home screen, iPhone 5

There was surprise at Settings being in my dock.

settings huh?
thats interesting – how often are you in there?
pretty often it seems.

I said:

I don’t know… my phone is all muscle memory. I have apps on my 3rd screen because that’s where they are mentally.

I had forgotten Settings was even in my dock. My phone is set up to match where things are in my brain. Ever since I got my first iPod touch, I’d guess not many of the things on the home screen have changed. I may have moved them around slowly, but there is a method to how my phone is set up.

My messages app live in the upper left. That’s where I look for it. And I access it daily. A browser lives next to that. It was Safari. Now it’s Chrome. Next to that is a Calendar. Currently Fantastical since it handles my unholy alliance of Gmail/iCloud/Office 365-pushed-to-the-web-as-an-ICS-file-so-I-can-access-it-on-my-phone. The top of my phone is rounded out with a camera. First was Camera. Then Camera+ and not VSCOCam.

The app changes, but the function stays the same.

Second screen, iPhone 5

My phone has always been about the same. ByWord used to be something else, but it was a writing app in that spot. Twitter has always been just right of mail. I keep track of where the important things are on my phone by muscle memory. For everything else, I search.