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Internet of Grift

In the end, what do NFTs stand for? Images that you have a fairly convoluted way of proving you own? Except you don’t own the image, you own URL to an image. It’s like a joke that you have to explain every element of as you go – by the time you’ve reached the conclusion, the person in question has tuned out. And really, what normal person is going to do these mental gymnastics to agree that your digital art is worth something?

The Internet of Grift

I listened to two people talk about NFTs and possibly making their own. And how it’s an investment or can make them money.

NFTs are an MLM scheme.

The people at the top are pumping money and hype into the economy. Everyone else looks at the huge sales numbers and media attention warranted by the few large sales.

But what are you buying? A Hyperlink to an image file.

Buying a link. That you hope will remain working. Either because the companies hosting stay in business. Or IPFS which is Napster for Web3.

At least with Beanie Babies you had a cuddly stuffed animal.

Bug hunting day

This is how my days go sometimes when I need to go bug hunting with multiple devices connected to webinars.

This may have also been the moment I uttered the words. “There’s a chance I have too many computers.”

Naming rights are weird brought to you by StitchFix Field at Roku Park

Staples Center is now Arena.

I saw this tweet recently and it reminded me of a curiosity I’ve had for ages. Why do companies pay money to put their names on stadiums? Is it to remind us they exist? Do they hope for some goodwill between going to see basketball and buying office supplies (and now Crypto?)

The current home of the Washington Capitals and Washington Bullets/Wizards has changed names a number of times since I’ve lived here. Throughout it’s life, this building has been called:

  • MCI Center
  • Verizon Center
  • Capital One Arena

Have I ever associated the venue with any of these companies? No. Have I ever thought about the company names when I was there? Absolutely not. When I hear other venues and their names, even when it’s a well known and obvious one (Fed Ex Field?) I never associate it with the company behind the name.

Other than changing names on signage, I wonder how many years it takes for people to start calling the venue by its new name. Jiffy Lube Live used to be called Nissan Pavilion. I called it Nissan for years after the name change and still catch myself referring to the MCI Center. Did I ever think about cars when I went to concerts? No, other than the one I used to drive there.

In my head, the name of a place is completely divorced from the company paying to name it. Other than hilariously stupid or weird names (Jiffy Lube Live!)

And I’m sorry, “Anything Dot Com” Arena/Center is a terrible name.

Tell me how it feels to use a week later, not how it smells out of the box

I recently posted my review of the iPhone 13 Pro, which I thought was a fun review, but didn’t rack up the same number of views as I had hoped it would. When I mentioned this on Twitter, someone mentioned that they expected people were burned out on reviews of the phone already, so they weren’t looking for another one. They were totally right, too! I personally watched a bunch of reviews of the new iPhones when the embargo dropped, but I’ve skipped the rest in my feed that happened after the embargoed ones dropped.

Why Reviews are Hard for Smaller Reviewers

I saw this post by Matt Birchler earlier today and it struck a chord with me and I replied to his post on but also wanted to share it here because it’s something I’d like to see more of in the review world.

Everyone and their 7th cousin is out there writing unboxing and Hot Takes™ on the new things.

Who is out there writing the “I’ve had this a week or a month and here’s how it feels” posts?
What about Here’s the X things I felt right when I got it. And here’s how I feel now after using it for a 2 weeks?

The world is flooded with people giving their First Looks. But there’s much less real world experiences. How does it actually feel to use day-to-day. Maybe it’s because the views aren’t there for it? Or maybe it’s not sexy because the First Lookers have already abandoned their device for the New Thing™.

I don’t have an answer but the first one out of the gate can tell me what I can see with my own eyes. I want something more.

  • Tell me what annoys you that you did not think would matter?
  • Tell me about a feature you were excited for but haven’t used since Day 1?
  • Tell me about something you didn’t know about and how can’t live without?
  • Tell me something that made you smile.
  • Tell me something that made you mad.
  • What’s something you didn’t know about until a friend’s friend told you? Or you saw in a Tiktok comment on an unrelated video that changed everything for you?

There’s such a gold rush to be first and earliest and loudest out of the gate. But you’re also saying the same thing as everyone else. Give me your impressions as a consumer.

At the end of the day, I trust and enjoy the reviews of people people with devices instead of the Tech Reviewers who have already moved on to the next device, computer, phone, gadget.