The Glitch Mob – Behind The Blade

I don’t remember where I first learned about The Glitch Mob but it may have been the remixes from the Tron Soundtrack. I heard EDit’s Ants which is a spectacularly beautiful song and was curious to learn more. I found out he was 1/3 of The Glitch Mob so I gave them a listen and was hooked.

I saw them first at Bonnaroo at 2:15am and that was a magical experience. I saw them again in Washington, D.C. and really enjoyed them again. The music speaks to me and moves me.

Part of their act is The Blade. It’s an instrument / platform / space ship of music.

It’s something they’ve created themselves to house their instruments and program. I always wondered what went into it and now they’ve released a short documentary on it. Two laptops, two Mac minis, and 12 iPads are just the start of The Blade. I love knowing how things work and this didn’t disappoint.

2015’s Best Superheroine Movie

This is (so far) the best superheroine movie of the year.

Taylor Swift
Selena Gomez
Kendrick Lamar
Lena Dunham
Hailee Steinfield
Gigi Hadid
Ellie Goulding
Martha Hunt
Cara Delevingne
Hayley Williams
lily Albridge
Karlie Kloss
Jessica Alba
Ellen Pompeo(Luna) & Mariska Hargitay(Justice)
Cindy Crawford

With props to Tomiwa Aina’s comments for the list. Click through to get the timestamps and links to each appearance.


I have everything I need to create something great

“You have everything you need to create something great. Something compelling. Something human, You also have what you need – the constraints – to make enough excuses to keep you from your work for the rest of your life, or to get creative and make something amazing. Something authentic.”
via Enough.

This is a new lesson I am learning as I start new projects.

First, with Origin Story I wanted to create a series of interviews with people about why they chose the screen names they use. But I waited. I thought why would anyone want to talk to me about their internet handles?

Lots of people! There has only been one person who has declined the invitation to take part. Everyone else has obliged my curiosity and contributed their Origin Stories.

I’m always looking for more people, get in touch!

The next project took two tries to get going. March2March is my 365-day photo project.

I wanted to do a project but I didn’t want to start January 1st. So the idea of running it from March to March got into my head and stuck.

After a false start last year, I got it going this year and have made it through everyday so far.

My latest project I wanted to be more tactile. I am taking part in The 100 Day Project. The idea is to make something for 100 days. I am making small post-it creations. The link goes to my Instagram feed, which is basically all Post-Its for now until I move them to my site for safekeeping.

It’s sometimes a small drawing. Other times it’s a saying or through for the day. Everyday it’s different. I let the mood of the day inspire me and go where it takes me.

It’s been a fun, finite project. It’s important to have an end date on some projects. Whether it be seasons or a number of days, I can’t keep up with everything forever.

Everything has to end.

I do not regret starting any of these projects. I have enjoyed them all and it makes me feel good to have made them.

They aren’t the best anything. They aren’t going to change the world or anyone’s life. But they make me happy and I enjoy them.

That’s success in my eyes.


Holscher 2016 Presidential Platform

I am going to run for President. I’ll be old enough and I sure can’t do worse than some other people running.

I’m going to start with the revolutionary approach to allowing women to make policy that affect their bodies.

I’m going to follow-up with marriage equality across the board. No exceptions (You hear that The South?). (Churches, you can do whatever you like under your roofs, no one is going to force you to do things against your beliefs on your own ground).

Marijuana, I can’t stand the smell of it, but I’m going to legalize it so it can be sold and taxed.

Military spending. We’re going to spend more of what can keep us safe and less on things that we feel the need to build because that’s what we’ve always done.

Alternate Energy. That’s a thing we’re going to promote and explore. Elon Musk may end up as Secretary of Energy.

Climate Change is a thing that’s happening. Let’s try not to make it happen as fast.

Guns. You’ve got enough of them. Want to hunt? Fine. Home defense? Great. Need to own military grade weapons? Then you’re joining the military. Welcome to my new solution to the draft. If you need military weapons, you’re going somewhere where you’ll learn how to use them properly and where they can be used if necessary. (Texas, most of you are going to be in the armed forces by 2017.)

Finally, I’m going to be wrong and change my mind because that’s what humans do.

I’ll need to find a running mate. Operators are standing by.

On Benefits and Baggage

Sid talked about writing this post months ago. Before his foray into working for himself. And I am glad to see he wrote it and happier still to have been able to read it.

If you don’t understand that the Church is an organization entirely based on God, a being who holds our universe in being with his will, whose mind is unimaginable to us — if, in fact, your closest reference point is a secular business — you are not going to have the faintest opportunity of even beginning to make sense of its policies.

The Pope is not a CEO. Priests are not middle-managers. Making money is not the ultimate fulfillment of the human person. In fact, the pursuit of happiness on earth is not the reason we’re even here! If you’re arguing with someone who isn’t at least open to these realities — you’re going to have a bad time. – Crate of Penguins — Benefits and Baggage

As I wrote in my post yesterday, we all see the world in a different light. Religion isn’t for me. I tried it. I didn’t enjoy it. But I have no problem with others enjoying it and loving it.

That’s part of the beauty of the Internet. I can follow and befriend people from all walks of life and beliefs. I also do this to open my eyes wider to the world. There is more to the world than Macs or PCs. There is more to life than technology at all. I am still firmly in a niche, but I am slowly getting outside of myself.

I don’t know if he counts me among his atheist friends, but I’ve fallen under that label in my life. Also Agnostic, Mormon and Generally Apathetic About The Whole Thing.

People change throughout life and it’s much too short not to open myself up to different ideas. It pains me to see Sid having to defend his beliefs. It shouldn’t matter to other people what he believes. Just like it shouldn’t matter to other people what I believe.

But we’ve gotten to be experts at policing the thoughts and beliefs of others. To what end? What good has come from it?

Has it made anyone happier? Has it improved anyone’s life? What good has come from it? Nope. Nadda. None.