This video reminds me of when people try to get a real, correct answer to a question on social media, they will purposefully add a wrong answer. Or frame the question purposefully wrong. Because if you ask for help, you get snark and jokes. But if you are wrong, people rush to correct you.

Tiktok video explaining that ads are so obviously stupid to empower the viewer into thinking I am smarter than you. Making people feel smart and confident makes them want to buy. You’re being primed to purchase.

If you find yourself getting confident and feeling smart because of what someone has put in front of you seems idiotic, be really careful because that might have been done purposefully. So that when you feel smart, you feel confident and when you feel confident you will make a decision that most likely has been framed by them.

Andy HAvens, Author

If you try to educate people people want to talk to other people, do more research and think about it. But if you present a commercial and the entire time the viewer is saying “I knew that! I knew that! I knew that!” It makes the viewer confident.

And confident people buy.

So if you’re seeing an that you can’t believe how stupid it is, i may have been done to make you feel that way. So you buy what they’re selling.