Maryland State troopers have issued more than 1,000 traffic citations and warnings on highways in suburban Washington since March 15. On Sunday alone, troopers cited 22 drivers who were traveling at least 25 mph over the 55 mph speed limit on a section of the Beltway in Prince George’s County. One driver was caught going 136 mph.

Surge in speeding, reckless driving in America during pandemic

I’ve been listening to the drag racers going down our local roads here because they’re straight. The very few times I’ve ventured on to the interstate it’s been a NASCAR event.

Driving to the grocery store and back have become exercises in “let’s see if this car is going to pull out in front of me” and “I’m going to drive in two lanes at once because my phone is more important.”

I hope our lost tax revenue comes in from these wreckless people.

A yard story in 3 parts

Ring Ring Ring

Half of a text thread this morning.

Embrace silliness.

You have my permission

You have my permission to delete.

You have my permission to mark as read.

You have my permission to skip.

You have my permission to step away.

You have my permission to log off.

You have my permission to ignore.

You have my permission to breathe.

You have my permission not to feel bad about any of it.

Your podcast queue is overflowing. Your stack of books is gathering guilt dust. Netflix and Hulu and Amazon and HBO and and and and…

There’s so much content out there. Endless feeds to scroll online. Twitter. Facebook. Mastodon. Instagram. Tiktok. They’re all there with new content engineered to suck you in and keep you there.

There’s email. Both invited and not. Newsletters are stacking up with interesting information.

You have my permission to ignore it all. You have my permission to not feel bad about ignoring, deleting, skipping and moving on with trying to get through your life.

How are you?

How do you manage through an environment where the business volume doubles within a 30 day period and at the same time you are forced to split the company into multiple teams. One team leaves the office and works from home for an undetermined amount of time, while the other two teams rotate in and out of the office. Then in order to meet the demand we need to hire staff and train them as quickly as we can using a plan and processes that did not exist two weeks ago.

Current State of things

This sums up exactly how things have been for me in the past 30 days until…?

So, how are you all holding up?