About Me

Carl T. Holscher, your gracious host.

Hi, I’m Carl T. Holscher

You may also know me as peroty.

In a past life I’ve worked as a print designer, then I went to the web and designed there. I returned to my roots and worked at a print shop turning pixels into proofs. Then I fell into the world of tech support. From there I’ve worked in city, state and Federal governments support their staffs. I’ve worked for The Atlantic magazine, Honeywell and General Electric. Now, I’m working to make conferences great as a WebEx Support Analyst.

What Else Do I Do?


Chase Clemons was gracious enough to have me on the Support Ops podcast to talk about customer support within the Federal Government.

John Chidgey invited me to participate in a cross-continental conversation with he and Shibel Mansour. I joked that our greatest achievement was finding a time that worked for us. I am in Maryland, USA. Shibel is in Israel. John is in Australia. but we did it and it was a blast.

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