This is where things get harder. This is where slipping is easier to justify. I’ve worked out for 5 days in a row. I deserve a treat. The bread start to flaunt their loafy wiles at me. Ice Cream screams my name. All of the post-Halloween chocolates are hard to resist.

Pilates Fix is no joke. After Total Body Cardio it’s the hardest workout in 21 Day Fix. It’s so much leg work. My hips and glutes are killing me. I couldn’t life my legs anymore after the end of the grueling 30 minutes. Even after the workout tonight, I felt… off the rest of the night.

I felt weak. And wobbly when I stood up and tried to walk. And I don’t want to talk about going upstairs. It was an adventure. I’m only five days into this month of workouts and we’re not even doing the hardest work everyday. But it’s still a struggle and it feels good to get it done everyday.

This month is as much about building the workout habit as it is working out. Though that does help to burn some quality calories. The lesson I keep in mind is to just keep going. Just. Keep. Going.

This is not a short journey. This is not an easy journey. This is the single step to get things started.