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30 Days of Fitness: Halfway There

After 15 days of workouts, I really hit a wall tonight. I took a short nap after work. After that it was watching old episodes of Gold Rush (I really enjoy watching people succeed… and fail… at mining for gold based on their decision-making and experience.

Then the Capitals played a game like I felt. Lethargic. Exhausted. Uninspired. That’s also how I’d describe my efforts at Upper Fix tonight. It’s the easiest of the Fixes from Beachbody. I can do arms. I can’t do push-ups or planks. But I can do the weight work.

My arms are tired and I’ll wake up sore tomorrow but it’s day 15. And that’s 15 days of workouts this month. I keep saying it because it continues to feel good. It’s nice to hit the halfway point in this month and to have met the goal of working out everyday.

The mix of Yoga and 21 Day Fix has proved to remain a good option. Clean Eatz kitchen has made dinner an issue I no longer think about at all. It’s sorted. Its cheap. It’s low calorie and it’s the best decision we made this month.

Normally, after mortgage, we are about broke the first two weeks of the month. Every month. This is the first month in a long time I didn’t need to have my wife write me a check to cover our expenses (mostly food and gas) for the first half of the month. That’s a couple hundred dollars we saved.

It’s been a very successful month for both finances and fitness. Which has been the ongoing struggle where if one goes well, the other didn’t. Here’s to another 15 days of working out and eating well.

30 Days of Fitness – Why am I sore there?

Yoga For Change And Drain was a harder program than usual. Adriene through some planks in there. I really felt them on my shoulders tonight after the Dirty 30 program yesterday.

It’s fun waking up to various sore muscles and trying to figure out if it’s from the previous day or the day before. Today, it’s all shoulders. The inside of my shoulders are really feeling it.

Clean Eatz has been a vital part of this month’s success. Knowing we have a low-calorie, filling, delicious meal waiting for us each night with a big mental burder we no longer have to wrestle with each night.

Planning, shopping for and preparing dinner every night can be a burden. Especially when we’re trying to count calories and workout everyday. Dinner being taken care of has really helped our success and has kept us going for the first 10 days of the month. We’re a third of the way through and it’s starting to become a habit. We’re slowly building the habit of working out and eating less.

I struggle with the latter part of this more than working out. I have no problem getting my workout clothes on and starting the program everyday. But the food part is my biggest struggle.

Food is my solution to many problems. And as I start to feel results, I need to continue to fight my food cravings. Tomorrow brings a new day and dental work.

30 Days of Fitness – Dark Hell

I always look forward to Yoga days.

I wasn’t prepared for Adriene to say anything about leaning back into dark hell. It caught both my wife and I off guard and we burst into laughter because it was said to matter-of-fact.

The workout was a nice mix of stretches and typical yoga downwards dogs and cobras.

This day deserves its own post and it will get one tomorrow. For now, I leave you with two lessons.

Two Lessons for today:

  1. Don’t upgrade your router’s firmware after 11pm.
  2. Router shopping is an endless choice. Pick one and stick with it.

30 Days of Fitness – Not Giving Up

Cardio Fix.
It includes burpees and lunges. It’s designed to burn our your legs and leave you flat on the ground gasping for more, and it did.

I worked out after work and before watching the Capitals play (and win!) tonight against the Panthers. I knew it was going to be a rough workout tonight. Cardio Fix is no relaxing stretchfest. It’s an all-out assault on your heart rate.

Today was a dark, rainy day. It was the perfect setting to lay in bed, curled up with a good book. It started our dark and didn’t change as the sun went down. And there’ something harder about working out once the sun goes down.

I had some errands to run after work so it wasn’t until nearly 7pm that I started the 30 minute workout. Though all I really wanted to do as crawl under a blanket, and sleep away the evening.

I wanted to skip working out tonight. It was dark and I had a headache. I wasn’t feeling well and it’s only one day. But I stuck it out and made it through. Truthfully, I’m afraid to skip a day. If I do, I might skip the next and the next. Then I’m looking at starting 2020 not having done anything since now.

I need to keep the streak going. I need to keep going every single day. I need to do something that burns calories and gets me moving. There are many days I never leave the house, so I need to make a point to workout and get my heart rate up.

This is the year I’m tackling health issues and this is going to contribute to my success. Weight is a problem. It’s going to only cause more of them as I age. So I need to do something about it now. And break my bad habits before I get to a point where I can’t anymore. Where my decades of bad decisions catches up with me and I pay a high price.

30 Days of Fitness – Sleepy Edition

If there was a theme for yesterday, it would be Hunger. I was hungry all day. I couldn’t get enough to eat. I kept having a small meal, then eating a bit more, then waiting, and having a bit more. I never felt full yesterday.

Today, I ate very little most of the day and had enough calories for a nice dish of ice cream after dinner tonight.

The theme for today would have been Tired. I felt it all day. Even though I slept fairly well last night, I was draggin today. Focus was a problem and after work, all I could think about doing was having dinner and going to sleep.

At 5:30pm.

In an effort to stay awake, I made the first fire of the season. It was nice to be able to enjoy our fireplace again. It’s really nice to have and the wood I kept under a tarp since last winter remained dry and burned well.

The fire felt nice and after watching some TV and eating dinner a bit later, we decided it was time to workout. It was not a hard day, with another round of Yoga. And while I didn’t preview this month’s Yoga with Adriene calendar, it’s worked very nicely with the 21 Day Fix on alternate days.

Today was Yoga for Chronic Pain.

It was slow and peaceful. More meditation than workout. It targeted some of the muscles we really worked yesterday and stretched them out which felt marvelous.

Tomorrow is Cardio Fix.