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First Snow – 2019

Tree in the snow.
Snowy Yard.

Bear in Sandals

I am so happy this statue exists.

It’s so joyful and fun. The bear sits overlooking Lake Needwood. The park where he lives is my favorite place to walk. It’s about 2.5 miles around the lake. It usually takes me about 90 minutes to complete the loop when armed with my camera or Pokemon Go.

Pictures of us

My wife said something last night that has stuck with me. What pictures are you going to frame and remember? The picture of scenery or one with us in it?” It was far more elegant than that. But her point remains. Take more pictures of us! And she’s right. I don’t take nearly enough pictures of us on vacation. As many photographers confess, there is rarely evidence they were on vacation at all.

There is only one photo of us from Bonnaroo.

Bonnaroo 2014

We were there for four days. We went to over 20 concerts. We sang. We danced. We laid in the grass. We ate. We drank. We slept. And it’s all in our heads. For now. There are no photos of us enjoying ourselves. There is nothing to look back on and remember the good times. There are only stupid pictures of bands and strangers. But no other ones of us. Which we took as a fluke. We almost came away having not taken a single photo of ourselves. For the entire four-day festival.

I did a little better in Canada.

But still fell short of capturing us on the trip.

Sure, I like to take pictures of where we go. But what’s going to be a better picture in a year when the memories have faded?

Bonnaroo 2014

Or this?
Bonnaroo 2014

I am going to be better at capturing us doing things together. It doesn’t matter where we are, if we aren’t there. I’m not going to hang up pictures of random people and things when I could have memories and pictures of us having fun together.

We are going to California for a week. We’re going to attend a dear friend’s wedding and see the sights around San Francisco. And while we’re there, I am going to make a point to take pictures of us doing things. Living life. Having fun. Being silly.

I want to remember the trip and be able to show us living it. If you’re finding yourself lacking from the vacations you’ve taken. It’s time to change that.

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