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Category: snapshots


My Wyze outdoors cam came today. With it’s accessory for pre-ordering early.

I laughed so hard when I opened it. And my wife walks in and asked if that was a cowboy hat?

It sure is! I love it!

It has made every other device in the house jealous though.

A flan story

Flan in repose
Flan in preparation
Flan is gone

My wife made a flan tonight. At the urging of her sister who has made this recipe four times. She continues to rave about it and ask if we’ve made it.

Tonight she did. It’s a good flan.

Snow delivery

Special Delivery

Clearing the walk.

Sorry artichoke, your time is over.

Our first winter storm has passed. We didn’t quite get the 6-10″ threatened by the storm as it largely went South of us. We got more than a few inches. It’s still lightly snowing but I don’t expect we will see anymore accumulation.