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Work. Family. Scene. Pick Two.

Work, family, scene. Pick two.

Work—that is your creative output.

Family—that’s a spouse, kids, or any close personal relationships.

Scene—that’s the fun stuff that comes along with success. Parties. Fancy dinners. Important friends. This is the stuff that looks good on Instagram, that you can brag about, that falls into your lap like a wonderful surprise. Offers, invitations, perks.

Work, Family, Scene: You Can Only Pick Two – Ryan Holiday

I love this advice from Austin Klein, via Ryan Holiday. You can’t have it all. You burnout. You’re miserable. You’re robbing someone of time or attention or love or presence.

The two you pick can change as your life does. Your balance may shift from work to family or scene to work. As they all feed each other.

Picking two is important as remembering you can switch the two at any time. It’s not a lifelong choice.

I’ve always found family and work (as its meant here) to be the most rewarding. Sure the scene can be fun. But that’s the part I most readily give up. That’s what works for you. You follow your path and find what works for you.

Schooling has failed me

I went through years of schooling and I didn’t learn anything to prepare me for life after school.

On a recent walk, my wife and I were discussing how we’ve both been through many years of school1 and we feel totally unprepared for adulthood.

We were never taught how to:

  • Prepare meals from fresh foods
  • Find time and motivation to exercise
  • Setup savings
  • Make and keep a budgets
  • Prepare for retirement
  • How to keep a house in good repair
  • Plan for unexpected expenses
  • How to care for a car
  • How to manage a credit card
  • How to buy in bulk to cut costs
  • How to research and choose the best product for you
  • How to buy a car
  • Splitting bills with roommates

What do you feel you were never prepared to handle as an adult?

  1. She holds a Master’s Degree and I a Bachelor’s.