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What the Internet Did to Garfield

What The Internet Did to Garfield is… an experience. I watched this across three sessions and it’s a deep dive (and I mean center of the earth deep) into the Garfield comic and his relationship with Jon.

I found it fascinating and weird as any good exploration into a long-running creation can be. It goes to dark places but the creator hides the worst of it in an effort to stay monetized on YouTube and because some thing don’t need to be shown it’s not graphic.

Joining OnlyFans for the museums

But art museums in Vienna have found a clever way to display their nude collections online without tripping any alarms or threatening their museum accounts: Starting an OnlyFans account. The Vienna Tourist Board, working on the museums’ behalf, is now displaying nude art on the platform, which is mostly used by sex workers.

Vienna museums move NSFW images to OnlyFans

It’s absolutely wild to display works of art, they need to be moved to a platform synonymous with sex work.

Wanna Cyber, fname lname?

“Whether you’re partaking in deals this year or passing them by, take a moment to embrace the season’s true gift: all the emails you’ve been meaning to unsubscribe from, all in one place, all at the same time… stacked atop one another like desperate Jenga blocks.”

Spam, Spam, Spam cartoon | Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne

I’ve taken this early Christmas present and removed myself (for now) from so many needy marketers begging for my attention. And then my money.

Many of them I can understand how and why. But there’s another class I can’t figure out why I would have asked for this. And the truth is, I didn’t. It’s spam.

The sneakiest form of spam uses marketing automation tools to wrap badly targeted messaging in a shallow wrapper of personalization.

One of the many benefits of using “peroty” as my identity online means that anything addressed to “Mr. Peroty” or “Hey there, Peroty” means the messages aren’t from people or placed I need to concern myself with.

Right into the trash/spam you go.

Mary Ruefle’s Wrist-moving action

I write by hand because that is how I began, and I love it. Moving the wrist, the marks the pencil or pen leave on the paper—like the trail of a snail—well, it is like drawing, no, it is drawing, and I am so enamoured of this activity that sometimes I write continuously without actually forming real words, I call it ‘fake handwriting,’ and it’s just as much fun as actually ‘writing’. By fun I mean it’s just as much a mystery. The whole wrist-moving action is why I write in the first place. I don’t like tennis, or knitting, I like writing with my hands.

Mary Ruefle

Mary Ruefle does not own a computer. She weird by hand because she likes how it feels.

I love reading this because I feel the same way. I take notes by hand and collect notebooks and pens not because I am working on great novels or essays. But because I like pens and paper and how they feel in and under my hand.