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Why are ads so obviously stupid?

This video reminds me of when people try to get a real, correct answer to a question on social media, they will purposefully add a wrong answer. Or frame the question purposefully wrong. Because if you ask for help, you get snark and jokes. But if you are wrong, people rush to correct you.

Tiktok video explaining that ads are so obviously stupid to empower the viewer into thinking I am smarter than you. Making people feel smart and confident makes them want to buy. You’re being primed to purchase.

If you find yourself getting confident and feeling smart because of what someone has put in front of you seems idiotic, be really careful because that might have been done purposefully. So that when you feel smart, you feel confident and when you feel confident you will make a decision that most likely has been framed by them.

Andy HAvens, Author

If you try to educate people people want to talk to other people, do more research and think about it. But if you present a commercial and the entire time the viewer is saying “I knew that! I knew that! I knew that!” It makes the viewer confident.

And confident people buy.

So if you’re seeing an that you can’t believe how stupid it is, i may have been done to make you feel that way. So you buy what they’re selling.

The best ad you’ll see this year

An advertisement for a car that will have you sobbing halfway through.

This is a masterful bit of advertising. The cover image gives away what it’s for but ignore that. Who cares about this car?

Go on the emotional journey in this ad. It’s 2 minutes 10 seconds of masterful storytelling.

The Despotic Clown

Now that I have given you nightmares… Taco Bell has launched a propaganda campaign against the Routine Republic.

In the three-minute centerpiece ad below, McDonald’s affable but intrinsically creepy mascot is reimagined as a sunken-eyed Stalinist clown (though perhaps bearing closer resemblance to Mao). He rules over a small army of look-alikes and an oppressed proletariat in a decrepit, cloistered city with a beefy security apparatus. Run-of-the-mill breakfast sandwiches are his preferred method of subjugation.

The three-minute video is worth watching, even if it is just an ad for Taco Bell.

The print work for this campaign is marvelous and I want to print and mount the entire set. Here’s a taste.

Same Breakfast

To see the rest of the print work head on over to Adweek.
Ad of the Day: Taco Bell Launches Cold War Against McDonald’s With Propaganda Imagery

On the Google Reader shutdown July 1

Google is an advertising company. They make their money in advertising.
If they can’t sell ads against a product, then it’s not important to them. If the product doesn’t collect data to better target their ads, then it’s not important to them.

Google+ is important.
Gmail is important.
Android is important.
Maps is important.

These all tell Google who you communicate with, what you talk about, what you’re interested in, where you go and how you get there.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is about what other people have to say. The feeds you read are not you. They are what you like but not targeted enough to sell ads against.

RSS is not important. Especially when Google Reader became the default backbone for RSS syncing among applications. Google can’t serve ads to those applications syncing to Google Reader. Google can only serve ads on its own pages. And if no one is looking at those pages, no one is seeing those ads.

Look for more emphasis on Google+. That’s an area like Gmail where Google can serve ads and collect data to serve better ads. That is how they make their money.

Why are commercials screaming at us?

What is with the screaming commercials? I will spare your ears and not embed any of these ads but they are linked from the offending company’s names.

First, there was the most obnoxious commercial I have ever had the misfortune of watching from King’s Dominion.

I couldn’t believe it got made, aired and more than one person thought it was a good idea.

Tonight, I saw a similar ad for Little Caesars. Instead of screaming, all the people just yell WHOOOOO!!!! and hold things up.

To round out the aural assault trifecta, JC Penney gave us this terrible ad with people screaming sometimes in slow motion, other times in stores.


Who thought that screaming would sell more product? Who likes to be screamed at? How did they feel a screaming ad was going to build good feelings towards their product?

I am disturbed by this trend of reducing advertising to the levels of Idiocracy.