Net Neutrality prevented the Internet from becoming toll roads.

The rules, put in place in 2015, banned cable and telecom companies from blocking or slowing down any websites or apps. They also prohibited broadband providers from striking special deals that would give some websites or apps “priority” over others.

Source: FCC Votes To Repeal Restrictions On Internet Providers

Now the lawsuits begin. And service providers can now extort companies. They can bundle access to web sites like cable TV channels. If Comcast is licking its chops you better believe the rest aren’t far behind.

Municipal Broadband is a threat to these companies which is why they spend money fighting it.. Cities like Chatanooga, Tennessee have been very successful. Let’s hope the trend continues.

But an often overlooked problem in this country remains access for rural areas those without the money to for the access. Did I mention rural areas? My father lives 60 miles West of Washington DC and to this day cannot get broadband Internet access without cellular or satellite being involved.