Rob Malanowski, the internet’s greatest literary platypus brings up a great point about Slack. Now I know their idea is to use it for teams in workplaces. And I’m sure plenty of people do that. However, I use it as a place to hang out with like-minded nerds or all sorts. I also dip my toe into the SupportDriven Slack room which has nearly 1,000 customer support professionals.

Slack is a social tool since I don’t work anywhere that would consider Slack in their business. All Hail SharePoint!

Rob writes in Slack and /ignore:

Slack clearly needs a /ignore command.

One simple command, and everything is back to rainbows and puppy dogs. There are several Slack teams that I visit less and less frequently because they each have one person that I would be happier never hearing from. Without /ignore, I have to opt out of the whole team. That doesn’t seem ideal.

This may not have any place in a workplace team setting but it would be useful to those of us who use it socially.