🔗 Disney and Hulu Merging Into Single App, Beta Coming in December – Initial Charge

If you’re still paying for subscriptions like this, I’d suggest setting up a Plex server and spending the equivalent of a streaming subscription each month on purchased media — be it DVDs and Blu-rays to rip or digital downloads that you can strip the DRM from.

Start building up a library of content that you own to eventually opt out of this whole subscription nonsense.

I’ve been building a small movie collection of films I love enough to not rely on licensing deals to be able to watch. Recently, as we’ve been thrifting, I will gaze along the movie shelves, as I did at the long-forgotten Video Den of my youth, for DVDs and Blu-Rays to purchase for pennies and add to my own streaming service.

I own my own streaming service. I can watch what I want when I see something interesting I can buy, it’s a simple download away then it’s available from own media empire. I don’t need to worry about who bought the rights or if removing mountains of movies will make the stock price rise.

I own my media and it’s not locked behind DRM. It cannot be taken away unless I delete it or lose it. But it’s on me to keep and to manage. And I trust myself more than I trust any business.