Today got off to a weird start.

I had a man come to my door about turning the gas off to the house. I assumed he was working in the area and needed to turn it off for that. (Washington Gas had replaced our main gas line, as well as our neighbors, and dig up the street thrice looking for a leak.)

But no, he said we had not paid our bill. Confused, I said we had paid or online just a few days before. (Our last bill was about $17.) He read the amount due on our account was $1600-something.
I asked what address he had. He read the amount again. I asked the address.

“1000 Crawford Ave.”

I told him he had the wrong road. Crawford is three blocks away from here. Right house number. Wrong road.

He quickly left, presumably to show up at the correct house and deliver their bad news.

I thought of this because 1) we pay our bills online and on time. 2) We have gotten legal paperwork delivered to our house for that same address in Crawford more than once.

It’s interesting to me that neither a law firm or Washington Gas can read a map correctly enough to arrive on the correct street.