It drives me nuts when people at work, who should know better, report problems without an ounce of troubleshooting, or even basic questioning.

What did you try? Anything at all?

Is the server down? Likely not… did you make an attempt to ping it?

You have access to The Cloud.

I’m not asking you to pour over log files but if you’re not able to access the domain name and you can login to the cloud where this server lives… can you connect to it through the console on the web page?

What about error messages? Do you see anything that might lead you to a solution?

“EC2 can’t…” is a pretty good starting point. I don’t need you to understand what it can’t do or why it can’t do it. But some times the answer is in the error message.

If your error message says “Server cant do Thing because of Reason then ask then report that and let the people who can make the Server do the Thing work on it. Because they may be aware of the Reason.

But reporting an error and then floundering is unacceptable for someone in a technical role.