Last night, my wife and I went shopping for some cleaning supplies. We went to Target and inevitably ended up with twice as many things as we had planned to buy.

One of these things was a dust buster to reach small corners and tight spaces. We found one. We stuck it in the cart. We paid for it.

We got home to use it and…

No dust buster.

It was on the receipt but never made it to a bag. We checked the car again. No dust buster.

We resigned ourselves to return to Target this morning since it was already closed when we arrive home.

So we did.

Upon returning to the store, we went to customer service and explained the situation. The girl behind the counter said she needed to speak to security since the item was not logged in last night.

She took the receipt to security across the room and a few minutes later, the guard emerged from the room and went into another back room and returned with a large bag.

Inside the bag was out missing dust buster and receipt. We left, delighted.

I was apprehensive about how the conversation would go and how we’d prove that we didn’t have the item on the receipt. However, Target was quick and efficient in resolving our issue and sending us home delighted.

This is customer service at its finest and I commend Target for doing it right.