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The empty shoes that lined up in front of the capitol in San Juan belong to people who are still among us. They did not die; they will come and step back into their shoes. They will walk back up functional roads and sit in their houses where the electricity is working. They will laugh with relief that this was not a real disaster, nothing like Katrina. They will fill glasses with water that is safe to drink. They will live on an island where the recovery has been progressing with alacrity and competence.

Source: ‘Three thousand people did not die’ – The Washington Post

As brutal as it is brilliant.

Black Mirror Pokemon Go

Black Mirror is an incredible series of stories about the dark side of technology and culture. They’re marvelously done and available to the US audience through Netflix. We’re getting Season 3 in October.

Patrick H. Willems has created a Pokémon Go video in the style of a Black Mirror episode. And with my current addition to Pokémon Go, it hits two of my favorite things. Enjoy!

Episode 1, The National Anthem hits a little too close for David Cameron. Where the Prime Minister is blackmailed into having to engage in a sex act with a pig in exchange for the release of a princess.

Though my favorite episode is Fifteen Million Merits. The entire series is available on Netflix, and on BBC 4 if you have access to it.