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Deciding to read it later, or not

Whenever I see something online that I think I want to read, I put it in Instapaper — and then I try to leave it for a while. Often when I visit Instapaper the chief thing I do is delete the pieces I only had thought I needed to read. So for me it’s not just a read-later service, it’s a don’t-read-later service. But that only works if I don’t go there too often. I try to catch up with my Instapaper queue once a week at most.

this and that – Snakes and Ladders

This is the reading version of grabbing an item at a store and carrying it around while I shop. If I look at the item when I am ready to check out, I buy it. More often, by the time I’m ready to check out, whatever impulse that overcame me to grab the item is gone. So it stays at the store.

Read Later?

Instapaper feels truly dead. Where are people going for read later services?

My main use case is filtering my RSS feeds to a place that’s not an open browser tab. Android + Web is ideal. I’m on Mac/Ubuntu most of the time.

I don’t care for Pocket’s focus on sharing but it’s fine.

I want a place to throw articles to then read later.

I’m looking forward to Readwise’s Reader when it gets released. Matter is iOS only.

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