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Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage front pages | Newseum

#LoveWins. The Newseum is hosting a collection of 822 newspaper front pages from around the world. Check out the full collection from Saturday and Sunday.

The next time you’re in DC, you really need to visit. It’s worth a couple of hours of your time. There is a display in front of the building with the day’s newspapers displayed as well.

The Virginian-Pilot always does something special and they did not disappoint.
Virginian-Pilot front page after Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling


I’m happy about today’s ruling. I’m happy friends of mine can not only be married, but can enjoy the legal and tax benefits of marriage. I’m happy they’ll be able to visit each other in hospital if they’re sick or injured.

I’m happy their marriage which may have been valid in DC is now valid in their home state.

But what about churches?

Churches should be able to act in their own belief. They should not be forced to carry out marriage they don’t recognize. If they choose to perform a ceremony, that’s great for the couple. If they refuse, that’s not something the church should be held accountable for. It’s their religion and their beliefs. I would not force something on the church that runs contrary to their views.

But think of the children?

Think about them. How many kids have expressed their concerns about marriage? Yours? Theirs? Anyones? If they’re too young to understand, leave it be. There’s time for that. If your kids ask and its something you don’t believe in, I leave it to you, the parent, how to handle that situation. It’s your right to pass your beliefs and values on to your kids.


No one is changing your beliefs. No one is attacking your beliefs. You’re still welcome to live by the word of God and quote scripture. You may still attend church. You may still disagree with this ruling. This doesn’t affect your negatively. You’re still able to go about your life like nothing happened.

That’s why I intend to do. This doesn’t positively change my life at all. I’m a straight white man married to a wonderful woman. This changes nothing. And that’s the point. It changes nothing. The only thing that could get tougher is finding a non-church venue for a wedding this summer. Competition is about to get a lot more fierce!

Comments about pedophiles / marrying trees / bestiality /polygamy?

Pedophiles. Still bad. That doesn’t change.
Marrying livestock. Still not legal. If that’s your thing, move to a farm in Texas and do what you like. Nobody messes with Texas.
Marrying trees. The best you can do is tie yourself to one in the name of the environment.
Polygamy. It’s not had a great track record. But if you want it bad enough, start a movement. The door is open.

I am moving to Canada!

Sorry. You’re about a decade late. Canada legalized same-sex marriage in 2004.

But don’t worry, there are still plenty of countries you can move to. Mexico isn’t looking good for you either. You’re safest moving across an ocean.

What could have been…

The ruling was 5-4. This was not a clear-cut decision. It could have just as easily gone the other way. We are a country divided and it’s how to work and live with each other that makes or breaks us. I am happy the ruling went in the way I had hoped it would. But I’m also aware it was very close.

Congratulations! You all know who you are. I’m ecstatic for you. Enjoy it!

Question 6 has passed.

My Fellow Marylanders,
Thank you. Thank for you allowing people to marry those they love. Thank you for voting yes on Question 6.

You have changed lives tonight. You are affirming the good decision to allow people to marry those they love and to have civil rights and protections afforded by marriage.

I am extremely proud to have been a single vote in this measure passing. I am extremely proud to have played a small role in allowing people in my state to enjoy the same benefits of marriage I have been able to enjoy just for being a straight white man.

Thank you Maryland.
Thank you voters.
Thank you all.

Marriage Overturned

The United States of America held a vote last night and all heterosexual marriages and no longer valid in the country. As of this morning, no marriage is legally recognized.

What does this mean? It means you’ve lost all these rights.

  • No more health benefits for your spouse. They better get on their own insurance at work? Oh, they stay at home? Well, better go out and buy insurance.

  • No more visitation or decision-making rights if they are hospitalized, you’re not really family after all.

  • No more tax benefits. Time to start filing separately.

  • No adoptions. It’s not right for a child to grow up in a home like that.

  • Prepare for more harassment at school and the workplace (if you got a job) because it’s not a hate crime to harass and bully you for being you.

This is your new reality. This is the world you’ve awaken to. This is everyday.

This is not the world heterosexual couples live in. This is not reality for many people. But it is reality for same-sex couples. This is the life they life in and the unjust system they live under.

Just as African-Americans won the right to vote, the right to marry and even to be considered people many years ago, the same battle is taking place across the country and in the world now.

For homosexual couples, they face the same legal and moral battles African-Americans faced and still face in parts of the world (and our country) today.

I look forward to the time when we look back on the ridiculousness of same-sex marriage (and even using that term) that we do on interracial marriage.

It’s not right to deny people the rights and joys of marriage because of an arbitrary reason such as skin color of sexual orientation.

Big Spender

Communication and trust are vital to a happy marriage. Everyone will tell you this about any relationship but what most people don’t talk about in marriage is how your thinking must change.

Before I entered this relationship I had to think about myself and make decisions about my money and my time. I had to make decisions only keeping my best interests in mind.

After you enter a relationship and eventually a marriage all of this changes. Instead of looking out for yourself and taking your wants and whims into account you also need to take into account the wants, whims and feelings of your significant other.

No one tells you this when you agree to marry the lady or guy of your dreams. It is something which must be learned and practiced.

I did something stupid recently. I bought a watch. It was expensive. This was a huge mistake on my part. This mistake was two-fold.

My mistake was not because I bought the watch.
My mistake was not even because of the price of the watch.

First, my mistake was the timing of the purchase.

I had just gotten paid and was feeling that look at all the money in our account feeling. I bought the watch and didn’t think anything more of it.

Until I got home.

It was at that point I realized the magnitude of my mistake. I had spent a sizable chunk of the money we were going to have left after the rent check, which I wrote out that evening, went through.

I had forgotten at the time of purchase but my wife had mentioned the night before about not spending a lot of money because it was going to be tight until she got paid in a couple of days. Also because we had agreed not to buy Christmas present for each other this year.1

Second, I did not think to talk to her before I spent $100 of our money.

No longer is this my money and my life. This is now our money and our life together. We are working very hard to pay off our credit card debt2, pay down student loan debt and generally be smart about how and where we spend our money.

I had not taken any of this into account when I clicked that buy button.

When you enter a marriage, you are no longer only responsible only for yourself. You are now responsible for yourself and your spouse. Your decisions are their decisions when it comes to time and money. In the future, I will consult my wife and make sure I’m thinking about what is best for us, no just for myself.

  1. There is very little we need. Even coming up with a list of wants for family has been very difficult. 

  2. We will be credit card debt free by early next year!