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Mac OS Ten Ten Ten

When I see anyone mention Mac OS X 10.10 all I can think about are those long distance deals from the late 90s.

A friend shared this tweet today:

Immediately, I thought about all of those cheap long distance ads from the late 90s. Do you remember when calling long distance was a thing to be scheduled? What about having a different company for long distance calling and local calling? Are you even old enough to remember landline phones and pre-modem society?

I’ve found a few of those ads if you don’t remember them. They were all over the place and were all 10-10-something. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. And every time Mac OS X 10.10 is mentioned, you immediately think of long distance calling and Christopher Lloyd in a taxi.

Mountain Lion roars to life

Mac OS X Mountain Lion was released earlier today.

It’s being covered everywhere on the internet by people far smarter than I.

The Canonical John Siracusa review, clocking in at 24 pages and available in many forms. Here’s what the man himself has to say about it.

Marco Arment wrote a review of Siracusa’s review and his history of reviews.

Pat Dryburgh has released a video preparing for the 24 page review.

The crew over at MacStories have written the book on it. They’re donating 30% of the proceeds to charity. Even if you don’t buy the book, the MacStories team has good coverage and is one of the most trusted names in Mac news for their integrity and professionalism.

David Chartier has a good roundup of coverage from all over the place.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my love for Instapaper for reading things later. It’s available for iPhone, iPad, select Android devices and of course, on the web.