Recently, NASA released photos from the Apollo missions. This is a treasure trove of 13,911 photos.

The photos themselves are wonderful to be able to see through the eyes and cameras of the astronauts. The photos are the originals without any post-processing or color correction. Which means someone took it upon themselves to do so.

NASA Apollo Images : Exposure & Color Corrected | Light And Matter

Unfortunately, the scans have not been corrected for color and exposure, so they tend to be flat and tinted. For those of you who like the Instagram-filter look, they’re just fine; it does add a bit of vintage charm. My instinct, though, is to repair them… to try to give them them accurate color and the crispness of a full-tonal range.

There are just a few of the more interesting photos with a before/after color correction applied to them. It gives new life to the photos.

And we couldn’t stop there.

Apollo Missions on Vimeo

I was looking through the Project Apollo Archive ( and at one point, I began clicking through a series of pics quickly and it looked like stop motion animation. So, I decided to see what that would look like without me having to click through it. Enjoy!

Sit back and enjoy almost three minutes of frantic space exploration.

Header image: Apollo 7 Hasselblad image from film magazine 4/N – Earth Orbit