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Boring Technology

Boring, stable technology is king. If you’re running a huge site, you need things to work and work reliably. In this interview, my brother who also happens to run ReadTheDocs talks about sustainable funding for open source projects, getting people to work to support them without it, and boring technology.

Starting around: 1:06:30 Eric talks about stability and proven solutions in tech.

As you stay in an industry longer and see things come and go you realize new things don’t actually matter. Especially if I use something in production. I want to have been around for five years minimum. Because I value my time so much more now than I used to.

If I go and try to use this thing that just got released I know I’m going to be beating my head against it for the next five weeks or whatever. And when I use it in production I will be hating it. This is why ReadTheDocs uses boring technology.

Read the Docs

My brother has been working on documenting the world through his Read the Docs project. Recently, he presented his project as part of the Portland Incubator Experiment.

His talk is below. It’s worth a watch. And not just because he’s my brother. He’s a smart guy who has done some cool things at cool places.

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