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Alex Honnold Climbs Yosemite’s El Capitan Without a Rope

Alex Honnold Climbs Yosemite’s El Capitan Without a Rope

On Freerider, one of the most daunting physical and mental challenges Honnold faced was two pitches of steep, undulating expanse of rock about 600 feet up. Polished smooth by glaciers over the millennia, the granite here offers no holds, forcing a climber to basically walk up it with his feet only. Honnold used a delicate technique called “smearing,” which involves pressing his rubber shoes against the rock to create just enough grip to support his weight on the incline. He had to keep his weight perfectly balanced and maintain enough forward momentum to avoid sliding off. “It’s like walking up glass,” Honnold said.

This is impressive madness. It’s interesting to see someone doing something for the first time. The interview with him afterwards was interesting too. He was so nonchalant about and chill about it. First Interview With Alex Honnold, Climber Who Scaled El Capitan Without a Rope

It Just Worked

I installed the latest Mac OS this weekend. It was uneventful. I sat down to play Destiny on my couch. It was an afterthought. I had heard El Capitan was out so I figured what better time than a lazy Sunday afternoon to install it.

I pulled up the Mac App Store, clicked the big banner announcing its arrival into the world and let it start to download. I forgot all about it as I ran around the planets of Destiny chatting with friends and slaughtering aliens.

I finally noticed my computer was needing my attention. So I agreed to reboot it and it did. Installing the new OS in the process.

When it finished, it looked and acted exactly as it had before. I noticed nothing different. If I hadn’t sat through the download and upgrade cycle, I would not have believed it did anything. I did check the version number to be sure.

And there it was. A new Mac OS.

No fuss. No mess. My computer might as well be an appliance. It works as its supposed to. It does its job admirably and doesn’t cause me problems.

Besides adding syncing to the Notes app on iOS. I don’t know what else the new OS gives my aging 201 MacBook Pro. But it doesn’t make using it any worse. And that is the point I’m at with my technology.

If it doesn’t give me anything new, at least don’t break anything.