Nine Inch Nails singer on Taylor Swift, creating Beats 1 and reviving the value of music

I want that feeling of walking into an independent record shop, if there are still any that exist, like Amoeba [Records], and being delighted by the choices and the way music is presented to you with love and care. It’s exciting. And you leave with stuff you wouldn’t have dreamed you wanted and you’re excited to listen and share it and experience it.”

I am curious about Apple’s Radio experiment. I’ve not used any of the streaming services more than the occasional background music.

I’m not lining up to tune into Apple Music or Beats 1 either. I am excited to see what artists will do with their Connect pages. Reznor mentioned something very cool he’s doing once the service launches.

Rolling Stone: How soon will you, as an artist, be putting new music up on Apple Music’s “Connect” or on Beats?

Reznor: When the service goes live, the first thing I’ve put up is something I couldn’t have done or wouldn’t have done anywhere else, which is the entire album The Fragile as an instrumental-outtakes compilation that plays like a regular album but sounds very different without my voice in the way. And there’s different arrangements to certain songs and oddly that makes for a different, complementary music experience. So that’ll be there as soon as you download the app, you’ll see that in, on my Connect page.

I’ve always been excited with what Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor) has done with music. It’s not just putting music out or putting it out free years after the records were released. It’s not just offering remix albums but there are interesting things like this.

I will get my hands on it as soon as I can, because I love that album and want to hear it in a new way.