I’ve never felt at home with task managers. Maybe it’s my life in customer support has never lent itself to task management. Maybe it explains why I’ve never lived my dreams and built the life I always knew I could™.

Did you catch the reference to the Wheel of Morality?

2Do is the first task manager I’ve used for more than a day. Something about it is very comfortable to me. Tim nails my feelings about it here (emphasis mine):

There is a lot to unpack with 2Do. I admit, it can be overwhelming at first, but it takes some time, testing, and use. I didn’t find 2Do useful the first time, but that’s because I didn’t sit down and figure out how to use it. It isn’t a program in which you have to fix your mindset to use it properly; it can be simple just like Reminders, or it can be complex like OmniFocus.

I use 2Do for the simplest of things, all around the house. But it works for me and it’s the first time a task manager has stuck with me at all.

Tim’s post featuring a snazzy epub version is a great intro to 2Do and explains how he uses it to get his work done.

It’s fun and friendly and taught me a few things. I highly recommend it. Go Move your thoughts to 2Do. You’ll be glad you did.