Day: January 5, 2022

What the Internet Did to Garfield

What The Internet Did to Garfield is… an experience. I watched this across three sessions and it’s a deep dive (and I mean center of the earth deep) into the Garfield comic and his relationship with Jon.

I found it fascinating and weird as any good exploration into a long-running creation can be. It goes to dark places but the creator hides the worst of it in an effort to stay monetized on YouTube and because some thing don’t need to be shown it’s not graphic.

Joining OnlyFans for the museums

But art museums in Vienna have found a clever way to display their nude collections online without tripping any alarms or threatening their museum accounts: Starting an OnlyFans account. The Vienna Tourist Board, working on the museums’ behalf, is now displaying nude art on the platform, which is mostly used by sex workers.

Vienna museums move NSFW images to OnlyFans

It’s absolutely wild to display works of art, they need to be moved to a platform synonymous with sex work.