Month: November 2019

Car Crash. Ending your day.

Tonight I heard a sound that I thought was something blowing around (it’s been extremely windy here with gusts up to 50 MPH). I thought it was a trash can blowing over. Or something blowing down the road.

I looked out the front window and saw something very different.

Car upside down on the road.

I saw the car with a side smashed in at first. The other car was hidden behind some bushes. When I saw it, I called 911 while another person was already with the driver speaking to her.

The 911 Operator said the call was being reported. The guy speaking to the driver’s wife was on the phone with 911 already.

Once the Operator told me she had the call and dispatched people I hung up.

Thankfully, there are two fire departments very close by and there were police cars here in moments with the fire trucks and ambulance not far behind.

Fire truck parked in my yard.

The driver was able to walk and talk. Besides being shaken and in shock seemed mostly fine. Other than having a bad Thanksgiving.

Be safe out there everyone.

30 Days of Fitness: Halfway There

After 15 days of workouts, I really hit a wall tonight. I took a short nap after work. After that it was watching old episodes of Gold Rush (I really enjoy watching people succeed… and fail… at mining for gold based on their decision-making and experience.

Then the Capitals played a game like I felt. Lethargic. Exhausted. Uninspired. That’s also how I’d describe my efforts at Upper Fix tonight. It’s the easiest of the Fixes from Beachbody. I can do arms. I can’t do push-ups or planks. But I can do the weight work.

My arms are tired and I’ll wake up sore tomorrow but it’s day 15. And that’s 15 days of workouts this month. I keep saying it because it continues to feel good. It’s nice to hit the halfway point in this month and to have met the goal of working out everyday.

The mix of Yoga and 21 Day Fix has proved to remain a good option. Clean Eatz kitchen has made dinner an issue I no longer think about at all. It’s sorted. Its cheap. It’s low calorie and it’s the best decision we made this month.

Normally, after mortgage, we are about broke the first two weeks of the month. Every month. This is the first month in a long time I didn’t need to have my wife write me a check to cover our expenses (mostly food and gas) for the first half of the month. That’s a couple hundred dollars we saved.

It’s been a very successful month for both finances and fitness. Which has been the ongoing struggle where if one goes well, the other didn’t. Here’s to another 15 days of working out and eating well.

The best ad you’ll see this year

An advertisement for a car that will have you sobbing halfway through.

This is a masterful bit of advertising. The cover image gives away what it’s for but ignore that. Who cares about this car?

Go on the emotional journey in this ad. It’s 2 minutes 10 seconds of masterful storytelling.

30 Days of Fitness – Why am I sore there?

Yoga For Change And Drain was a harder program than usual. Adriene through some planks in there. I really felt them on my shoulders tonight after the Dirty 30 program yesterday.

It’s fun waking up to various sore muscles and trying to figure out if it’s from the previous day or the day before. Today, it’s all shoulders. The inside of my shoulders are really feeling it.

Clean Eatz has been a vital part of this month’s success. Knowing we have a low-calorie, filling, delicious meal waiting for us each night with a big mental burder we no longer have to wrestle with each night.

Planning, shopping for and preparing dinner every night can be a burden. Especially when we’re trying to count calories and workout everyday. Dinner being taken care of has really helped our success and has kept us going for the first 10 days of the month. We’re a third of the way through and it’s starting to become a habit. We’re slowly building the habit of working out and eating less.

I struggle with the latter part of this more than working out. I have no problem getting my workout clothes on and starting the program everyday. But the food part is my biggest struggle.

Food is my solution to many problems. And as I start to feel results, I need to continue to fight my food cravings. Tomorrow brings a new day and dental work.

A tale of topiary and routers

Today started with yesterday. Last night, I upgraded the firmware of my router. Instead of going smoothly, it failed to complete. I spent 2 hours trying everything in the documentation to revive it. To no avail. I gave up about 1am and crawled into bed next to an annoyed wife.

You get the good and the bad with nerds. I got the lecture this morning of, “Most people don’t even know how to login to their router. Why are you even logging into the router to know there was an update to install!” And she’s not wrong. I had a second router up until a few weeks ago, when I set it up and leant it to her sister to replace a failing router she had.

I am a believer in Two is One and One is None. The idea is having one is the same as none because when that one thing breaks, it’s gone. However, having two means you’ll have at least one left. It’s an idea for backups, which I need to revisit after this, but it can be applied to other things. I’m not saying you should have two routers around at all times, but I wish I did.

I replaced the router this morning after Microcenter opened. After a few hours of research trying to balance a router with enough nerdiness for me and ease for my wife. If I can work on projects and she has no idea, that’s a win.

The router I settled on was the TP-Link Archer C3200 which is an older router, but I was able to find one at a good price. I liked that it combined both the 5ghz and 2.4ghz networks into a single name. The extra 5ghz channel will be useful as our home becomes smarter it helps to have more lanes on my information superhighway.

After getting the router setup and making sure the smarts in my house started working again, I had a long, long day at work to get through.

After work, we went to see the new Addams Family movie. And get a donut. Which inadvertantly let to the Discovery of the Season.

After selecting our donuts, we went to Home Goods to see what sort of wonders it held for Christmas. We were there a few weeks ago for Halloween decorations and a small topiary.

My wife made an Edwards Scissorhands doll for Halloween since she couldn’t find one (and is extremely crafty).

Edward with the trimmed tree we had to use instead of a topary.

We were looking for a topiary. We went to Home Goods, Michaels, AC Moore, Targets, and every other store we could think of that might have anything. We failed at every turn.

There was no topiary to be found. Certainly not one of a proper size to stand next to Edward in the front window.

Until Christmas.

Edward and topiary. Reunited.

We walked into Home Goods and there it was. My wife about screamed in delight and rage. The perfect topiary. Standing there. Waiting. A week too late for this year. But perfect for next year.