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What you say online stays online

Twitter is where I carry on conversations with those I don’t know. It is where I get my news and follow my heroes within arms reach. It is where I get to share in jokes and find out about new posts, photos, apps, and ideas. Twitter is walking through a crowded marketplace speaking with friends and accidental eavesdropping on others.

Twitter is where I go first in the morning and last in the evening. Twitter is where my friends are and those I would call friends if I had more bravery.

Facebook is people I know. Coworkers. Friends. Family. Facebook is the default addition to old school chums and those who care enough to friend and follow. Facebook is a free for all. I allow anyone who wants to befriend me. Though there is more censorship and choice in posting. Some of the choice is due to who is present but most of the time it is simply because those on Facebook would not understand the depths of my nerdery.

That said, I do not trash talk. I don’t bad mouth anyone anywhere online. Random outbursts of frustration, sure but never something about a single person. No names. Ever.

What goes online stays online. It will never disappear.

Library of Congress is archiving tweets. Facebook is doing who knows what with our posts and data. Most likely selling it to marketers.

Don’t say it online if you won’t say it to the intended target’s face. Your invisibility and anonymity is not as good or true as you believe.




Writing and printing are in my blood


  1. One of the best rules for blog posts that I’ve heard is: if you wouldn’t write it up as a newsletter with your name on it or tack it to a wall as a flier with your name on it, don’t post it. Even anonymous bloggers get ‘outed’ all the time. If you write something powerful enough, someone will figure out who you are.

  2. Yeah, this is why I don’t think I’ll ever run for any sort of high office. I’m pretty certain that my online comments–and they are numerous–would be used against me in ways I can’t possibly imagine. Of course, if I steal some Luddite hermit’s identity…

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