In the wake of suicide there is always pain and confusion. Regret and grief and guilt rule the day. The question ways comes up, What can I do? or What could I have done?

The truth is probably nothing. Depression is a big black hole of pain. It appears endless and hopeless. That’s why it hurts so much and leads to death. The pain and despair end.

Tonight, after posting your favorite picture or quote. After remembering how great the person was in your own way. Do me two small favors.

  1. Write a thank you letter.

Pick a person who helped you. Pick someone who picked you up when you were down. Find that person who was your ear and your shoulder. Find your crutch or you confidante and tell him or her thank you.

Tell them what they mean to you. Make sure they know how they touched your life.

  1. Be that person to someone else.

Reach out and lift someone else up. Send an email. Pick up the phone. Ask them to a coffee or a meal. Tell that person you love them. Tell that person you are there for them.

If you have someone in your life who is having a tough time, reach out to them. If you can’t think of anyone, choose someone you think would appreciate it anyway.

Give them a reason to feel good about them self. Talk to them. Laugh. Cry. Hug. Smile.

There is not anything you can do for those who are already gone. But there are plenty of people left who could use a kind word.

We all matter very deeply to someone. Unfortunately, we often never find out who how much until it is too late.