Ever since the demise of Zenbe Lists I have looked for a replacement. It was a very simple list that I could share with her and we could update and keep in sync through our iPhones. It was simple and painless. Until the sync stopped working.

Why not use paper?

We keep a paper list on our refrigerator. We update it when we realize we’re out of something.

However, we are rarely near the kitchen when we think about something we’ve run out of or need to replace. Even when the list is updated and has a glorious collection of items to buy, we walk off and leave the list sitting there, on the refrigerator, hanging uselessly.

Enter Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a fantastic to-do app that is free to use and exists on nearly every platform. It works on Mac, Windows, Android, iPad, iPad, Blackberry and on the web.

This is the perfect app because I am using it as my to-do list for everything and I can share out the grocery list with my wife so we can have one big list we both contribute to.

It’s so simple and free and syncs upon update to the list so I know we’re always working from the most updated copy.

Check out Wunderlist, free for every platform.