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Woodpeckers: The Hole Story

Do you love woodpeckers? Have you grown an intense interest in birding in the past few years? Then you’ll enjoy this documentary from PBS.

Paul Giamatti tells you about all the different kinds of woodpeckers in the world and how they live and thrive in various environment. I was able to put in my local PBS station and watch the entire thing. It’s worth your time if you enjoy watching birds.

We have little downy woodpeckers that are so fluffy and sweet. We also have large red-bellied woodpeckers and every so often a northern flicker comes to visit.

Northern Flicker

Sitting on my patio.

Watching the birds feed and mate and sing.

One hand on my book.

One hand waiting to pickup my camera.

Enjoying the sounds of the trees and my feathered friends.

Trying to ignore the drag racers screaming up and down the Pike.

Listening to the low rumble of freight trains.

The urgent whoosh of the Metro trails on their tracks.

The longer, steady chug of the passenger trains.

I mowed the yard yesterday. I expected to see the brigade of Robins hunting the fresh buffet for bugs and worms. But they’ve been absent today. My feeder is full of sparrows and mourning doves.

I share a deep love for the Mourning Doves as they seem large and unsure of themselves as I have as I went through life. Never quite sure if I could perch on a feeder. Or if I could get my head into find the seeds.

The highlight of today though was the Northern Flicker.

Northern Flicker woodpecker

I’ve seen Downy and Red-bellied woodpeckers before. But this was a new bird for me. It’s exciting to see a new friend come to the neighborhood.

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