Whatever sins of urban living you commit today, and you will commit at least one, will be washed away overnight. When you get back on the train the next morning, nobody will even remember. It’s liberating, in a way. It’s the introvert’s dream. All the people around you are extras in the movie of your life, and you are an extra in theirs.

via The Urbanist – Sanspoint. – Essays on Technology and Culture by Richard J. Anderson.

Richard Anderson (who will forever be Mr. Anderson in my brain) writes a wonderful ode to city life.

It’s a wonderful love story of concrete anonymity. I love image of city dwellers being extras in each other’s lives. Working in a city, and taking a train into it each day, I relate to this aspect of the city experience.

I agree with his final words that it is a big enough country to have, and appreciate both perspectives.