It’s snowing here. It’s been snowing since yesterday. Like most of the east coast, I’m staying home. I’m not going anywhere. But I did shovel out our front and back doors as I watched the snow pile up. The only trucks I’ve seen driving through our neighborhood are Pepco (power company) trucks. No one else is trying to go anywhere which is good to see.

The road conditions are terrible. The snow is still falling and the wind is blowing. We have power and are all set for the long weekend of snow. We dug out our front and back door since the snow was making me nervous piling up on the glass sliding door. If you’re under snow, stay inside and stay safe.

Covered Car
This used to be a car. Now it’s a pile.

Shoveling out
Trying to make some progress. We shovel, we wait 5 minutes and its covered again.

Front door, before!
Front door when I opened it this morning.

Back door piled with snow
Our back door before I shoveled it out.

We found a door!

Being a good neighbor, for what it’s worth.

I give this little guy credit for his endurance.

30" of snow
There is a bit of snow in the area. Our back deck has about 31″ of snow all over it.

And what’s a storm without a little fun. Here’s the Fastest Shovel in the East.

I am the fastest shoveler in the East.

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