New for the sake of new.

I’m done with tech news. I don’t care about what Apple is going to do. I don’t care what Microsoft is planning. I couldn’t begin to care about Android. I don’t care about any of it.

You know when we’ll see the new iPhone? When Apple releases it! Know when the best new Android phone will be out? The moment you buy the latest best new Android phone.

Wii. Xbox. PlayStation. Who Cares?

I want to play games. I don’t care about the platform they’re on. I want to use my phone and my computer. I don’t care what it says on the tin.

I’m so tired of the endless speculation. I’m exhausted by the battles of X vs. Y when there’s really nothing amazing about either option.

They’re different.

The Apple Tech Bloggers have been particularly exhausting. Nothing is worth the level of scrutiny devoted to Apple. It is the same thing as celebrity worship.

Watching TMZ for the latest celebrity photo and endlessly droning on about Apple is the same thing. Who cares?! Why waste so many words, blurry photos and speculation about a computer?

Step out of the Techo Chamber. It’s not worth it.