What is with the screaming commercials? I will spare your ears and not embed any of these ads but they are linked from the offending company’s names.

First, there was the most obnoxious commercial I have ever had the misfortune of watching from King’s Dominion.

I couldn’t believe it got made, aired and more than one person thought it was a good idea.

Tonight, I saw a similar ad for Little Caesars. Instead of screaming, all the people just yell WHOOOOO!!!! and hold things up.

To round out the aural assault trifecta, JC Penney gave us this terrible ad with people screaming sometimes in slow motion, other times in stores.


Who thought that screaming would sell more product? Who likes to be screamed at? How did they feel a screaming ad was going to build good feelings towards their product?

I am disturbed by this trend of reducing advertising to the levels of Idiocracy.