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Calling For Help

I am blown away continually how little respect people have for my time. Most of my days are very busy filled with complex and simple issues alike.
I do not have hours of time where I am sitting around waiting for people to decide their day has a small hole for me to help them.
That’s the primary thing that bothers me.

You, the user, has called the help desk or contacted me directly for help.

I want to help you.
I am here to help you.
I try to help you.
You tell me No.
Or later.
Or my personal favorite, “I’ll let you know.”

This is code for “I will never contact you again and will wait until this issue becomes unavoidable to contact you again.”

Your poor planning becomes my emergency.

It does not bother me personally you are having computer trouble. ((When I go home, I will not lose sleep over it.)) I could not care less of you cannot print, save, access or use a resource.
It is my job to help you but I am not invested in your job. When your poor planning and poor organization turn simple things into critical issues, they are not my problem.

I am not a magician.
I do not have a unicorn.
Computers are not run on pixie dust.
They do not speak to me in an ancient tongue.

Fixing problems takes time.

I know this may come as a shock but I am not a computer. I do not speak 1001100010011001 to it and have it reply.
I do not know what you’ve done to it. ((Purposefully or not.))
I do not know if what you’re telling me is true and correct. ((Again, purposefully or not.))
When I ask you a question about what you were doing when you had a problem I am not assigning blame.
I am looking for answers.

If you spilled water on your laptop, tell me.
If your child knocked it off a table, tell me.
If you “cleaned up” the registry, tell me.
If you “deleted some stuff in Windows”, tell me.

I will not blame you. I will not admonish you. I will not lecture you.

I am in search of information.
The more I know about a problem, the quicker I can diagnose and perform a repair.

In the search for information and troubleshooting. If you did something to the machine, I will find out. It will save is both a lot of time and effort if you can provide as much information as possible up front.

I am not here to belittle or judge your level of tech savvy. I am here to fix computers.

Mother’s Day

I texted my mother this morning and had a nice long call with her this afternoon, upholding my duty as a good son. I acknowledge all the hard work my mother did raising myself and my brother. I appreciate and love her for all her love and patience and time she gave us to learn and grow.

I appreciate every time she gave me just enough rope to hang myself with it. I appreciate all the lessons she taught me to allow me to grow up and be the respectable, honorable, kind, gentle and generous man I am today. I have been on this earth for 30 years and as every year passes I love and appreciate my mother for all the hard work and sacrifice she went through to make my life better.

I see parts of myself I know she put there and values she instilled in me. I want to take this opportunity to thank my mother for all the things I could never possibly repay her for. I love you, Mom. Thank you for everything you did for me and thank you for not taking me off this earth. Even though I am sure I tested your patience many, many times.

Mom, I love you. You’re the best mother in the world!

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