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Chrome Quick Tip – Pull multiple tabs into a new window

If you’ve ever used the Google Chrome browser, you know all about tabs and how you can drag a tab into a new window. But did you know you can select a group of tabs and pull all of them into a new window?

  1. Select a tab
  2. Hold CTRL on the PC or on the Mac and select multiple tabs.
  3. Pull those tabs off the tab bar and into a new window.
  4. Enjoy your new set of tabs.

Windows Quick Tip – How to hide desktop icons

I first learned Windows could hide desktop icons after answering Help Desk tickets. I would get calls and emails from people saying, ALL OF MY FILES ARE GONE!!! When I would get to their desk, sure enough, their desktop would be empty. Completely empty.

Now there are some people who keep a clean desktop, but even they have a couple of icons there. A folder or shortcut to something they often use. Or they’ve got a shortcut they’re unable to remove due to the lack of admin rights.

There are also uses for hiding the desktop’s icons. When I want to record a screen cast or capture screenshots without the clutter of my desktop, I will hide the icons to give it a much cleaner look.

Whether you’re trying to answer a help desk ticket, or simply want a clean desktop, it’s very simple to hide them.

Hide desktop icons

  1. Right click on your Desktop.
  2. Select View
  3. Under the drop down menu, uncheck Show desktop icons
  4. Enjoy an empty desktop.

To bring them back, repeat the first two steps and click Show desktop icons so there is a check mark next to them.

And now you know how to hide Windows desktop icons.

Quick Tip – Due for iPhone

My mother always said I’d misplace my head if it weren’t attached to my neck. I am very absent-minded and Due for the iPhone and iPad helps me remember things. Events in the future go on to the calendar, but if I need to remember to meet my wife somewhere, if I have to walk down the hall and check the laundry, or if I need to be reminded to leave for an appointment Due is a godsend.

Due allows me to set numerous reminders and timers. I make use of the Timers feature by keeping a couple of timers around all the time. I have 1, 5 and 15 minute timers which are always useful.

However, I also keep 38 and 50 minute timers. These are the cycle times for the washer and dryer in the laundry room in the condo we’re renting.

Keeping these handy means remembering to set a timer for laundry ((Since no one has a reminder app for remembering to set reminders.)) is as simple as pulling the phone from my pocket, launching Due and clicking the timer.

Reducing the friction between intending to do something and actually doing something is vital for me to remember little things. I highly recommend Due and at $4.99 for a universal app it is a steal.