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Silly ideas pop into my brain sometimes. I usually ignore them or at the very most Tweet them and move on with life.

This time is different.

Patrick Rhone wrote a post on Declarations for the new year. It included his declaration:

“There will be no anger, grumpiness, frustration, or other bad feelings today. This is not how any of us wish to start the new year. This is not how any of us wish for those we love to start the new year. We have a nice day ahead and a nice day is exactly how we wish to start the new year. Therefore, we will figure out how to get beyond whatever stands in the way of that.”

And finishes his post saying,

Should it be a success, I may begin tomorrow by announcing, “There will be no anger, grumpiness, frustration, or other bad feelings today. This is not how any of us wish to start the second day of new year…”

And I thought that was a neat idea.

So I decided to start recording a daily declaration. I immediately over thought it and started reaching for a microphone and recording it to an mp3, then where to host it. How to share it. Then I remembered, Anchor was a thing that existed in the world.

So I downloaded it and have started recording Daily Declarations.

Since I don’t understand how Anchor works, I don’t have copies of the first few days. But here is today’s recording. This has been a fun excuse to use Anchor and I may expand that out to other things. It’s a silly little project, but one I’m having fun with.

If anyone would like to record a declaration, let me know and we’ll keep this going into the New Year.

I have everything I need to create something great

“You have everything you need to create something great. Something compelling. Something human, You also have what you need – the constraints – to make enough excuses to keep you from your work for the rest of your life, or to get creative and make something amazing. Something authentic.”
via Enough.

This is a new lesson I am learning as I start new projects.

First, with Origin Story I wanted to create a series of interviews with people about why they chose the screen names they use. But I waited. I thought why would anyone want to talk to me about their internet handles?

Lots of people! There has only been one person who has declined the invitation to take part. Everyone else has obliged my curiosity and contributed their Origin Stories.

I’m always looking for more people, get in touch!

The next project took two tries to get going. March2March is my 365-day photo project.

I wanted to do a project but I didn’t want to start January 1st. So the idea of running it from March to March got into my head and stuck.

After a false start last year, I got it going this year and have made it through everyday so far.

My latest project I wanted to be more tactile. I am taking part in The 100 Day Project. The idea is to make something for 100 days. I am making small post-it creations. The link goes to my Instagram feed, which is basically all Post-Its for now until I move them to my site for safekeeping.

It’s sometimes a small drawing. Other times it’s a saying or through for the day. Everyday it’s different. I let the mood of the day inspire me and go where it takes me.

It’s been a fun, finite project. It’s important to have an end date on some projects. Whether it be seasons or a number of days, I can’t keep up with everything forever.

Everything has to end.

I do not regret starting any of these projects. I have enjoyed them all and it makes me feel good to have made them.

They aren’t the best anything. They aren’t going to change the world or anyone’s life. But they make me happy and I enjoy them.

That’s success in my eyes.

The Origin Story of Origin Story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by Internet handles. That is, what name do people use on the Internet. Do they use their real name? Are they semi-anonymous with a pseudonym or screen name they like? Is there identity a complete mystery?

In December, I finally decided to act on my curiosity and started asking. The interviews are posted at Origin Story.

I didn’t tell many people about it. But I started to send emails with that subject line, What is your Origin Story?

I debated long and hard about what questions to ask. I didn’t want to ask too many. I didn’t want to ask too much of people’s time and attention. So I tried to keep my questions brief. And even then, the questions have evolved since the first interview.

Here is what I’ve asked everyone.

  • What name do you use on the Internet?
  • Do you keep the same name everywhere?
  • Where did it come from?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • Why did you choose it?
  • Do you ever think of changing it?
  • Why do you / don’t you use your real name?
  • What was your first internet screen name?
  • What is your favorite name you’ve seen in your travels across the net?

I added this question when I realized I was asking these interesting people about their stories. I should also ask them whose story they’d like to hear.

  • Whose origin story would you like to hear next?

Even later on, I realized the blunder I was making by not pointing my readers to these fine folks. So I added the last question.

  • Now that people have heard your story, where can they go to find out more about you?

I’m sure it will continue to evolve as I figure this thing out and bug more people for their stories. I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to take part in my little project so far.

Thank you all! I’ve had a lot of fun with this project so far. And I hope those who have taken part have enjoyed it. I feel like I learn something about each of these people from the answers they send back. And the best part is getting to know people I hadn’t previously crossed paths with on the internet.

It’s been a lot of fun so far. So if you should see an email in your inbox asking about your origin story, I hope you’ll take part.

New Origin Stories go up every Monday morning at Origin Story. New posts are tweeted from @StoriesofOrigin.

What are the Glitch Tales?

The internet is where we tell stories. This information superhighway conveys all manner or sound and light. It transports me to your home, to your work, to your pocket, office and bedroom.


The amazing system of tubes allows me to put my words and pictures on a truck and it appears in front of your eyes. It allows my voice to reach you. Wherever you are. A tiny piece of me can meet a tiny piece of you and for that moment, we’re sharing something.

We are not together. But for that moment, we’re connected.

Glitch Tales is about taking those moments. It’s about taking the parts of life we’re confused and intrigued by and putting them together. It’s a story told in pieces. It’s a story released in bits.

In the time of binge consumption, I want to release something slowly. I want to tell a story as it happens. Not all at once, but in the pieces as they were constructed.

I told the story over Instagram. I told it in notes on photos. Often many parts per day. I wasn’t sure where the story would take me. I didn’t know where I would end up or how I’d feel. But as the photos materialized, I added context. I gave meaning to nothing and I told a story.

I’m interested in storytelling. I want to experiment with how to tell tales. The moment we got the web, we tried to make things we knew fit into the new mold. I want to try something different, not something new. Because everything has been done before.

But this is my version of it. It’s not original. But it is mine. And that’s what makes it different. It’s new to me. I don’t know if you did, or do. I don’t know if you care or are just tired of me posting glitchy photos.

It’s not over. It’s barely begun. Tell me if you like it. Tell me if you hate it. Tell me a story.