How to get a new program installed in my work computer?

  • I decide I’d like to have a new program.
  • I choose a free one like Google Chrome.
  • I submit the request to the Help Desk.
  • I’m informed I need to get permission from two people before they can install it.
  • I email my IT Point of Contact.
  • I wait for a reply.
  • I attach the reply email to my request.
  • Then I write to a second person, whose role I don’t understand other than being identified as a person who has to approve requests.
  • I wait for a reply.
  • A few days go by.
  • I receive a reply and attach it to my request.
  • Now, the Help Desk can start to work on my request.

It took four days to get Google Chrome installed.

I am still waiting to get an add-on for WebEx installed. It’s already been four days and in still waiting on one of the emails I need.
I support WebEx for this company. This is my job. And I’m stuck with this ridiculous process.

There is no chance in this process changing. That was the first thing I asked. It’s been like that as long as anyone I spoke to can remember. Its a broken process.

How the process should work

  • I request a program be installed to the Help Desk.
  • Help Desk checks a few things
    Is it free / Does it need a license?
    Will it work in the environment?
    Is there a business reason to have this?
  • Unless there’s an issues with one of the above, the Help Desk dispatches a technician to install the program.

It’s a much faster process. It doesn’t require waiting for busy people to send emails granting permission for a free application. But most importantly, the customer experience is far better.

The problem with big organizations is they lost sight of how the process works for those who need to use them. The process in place is broken. And it’s never going to change until someone cares enough to change it.

Next time I need to have something installed, I’m going to think if I really need this new program. It’s not worth the hassle.