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The Internet is People

The world is filled with real people, just like you. I talk to people everyday in all moods. I get the happy people excited to learn. I get the frustrated people who need a little help. I get the pissed off people who want to scream at me because I’m the poor sucker who took their call.

Working in tech support makes you the target of anger and frustration. We listen to a lot of it. We take it and try not to internalize it. We’re people. We’re real. We’re sitting at desks in sterile, soulless rooms taking calls and emails from frustrated customers.

We’re doing our best to help you and be nice about it. We’re real people, just like you. The Internet is full of those real people. They answer phone calls and emails. They read scathing words and insults hurled at them. They wait patiently through the profanity-riddled diatribes that take a 5 minute fix into a 45 minute call like I had yesterday.

We’re all people. It’s hard to remember when it’s a name in a chat box or an anonymous voice across a phone line. We’re the other person at the end of your email.

The video below animates Derek Sivers’ post Real and it’s a good reminder that we’re real people behind the technology.

The web is made of people

The best thing you can do for your customers is to stop thinking of them as customers.

Think of us as people.

You are helping people. You are serving people. You are a people yourself. A specific people. A person. You are a person. I am a person.

We’re all persons. Each of us have feelings. We can hurt. We get angry. We are sad. We take things out on strange people because we don’t know them.

We are all people. Think about that when you see the tweet mention you or your company. Think about that when an email comes in. It was sent from a person.

It’s easy to forget that we’re all people sitting at our keyboards or smartphones. The words and pictures aren’t generated by computers or monkeys. It all comes from people.

People who can hurt. People who are irrational. People who have bad days.

We’re not replying to eyeballs. We’re not talking to clicks. A page view has never dissed you on Twitter. Every interaction you have is with a real live person. Treat them like people!

We are not users.
We are not customers.
We are not clicks, page views or eyeballs.
We are people.
And deserve to be treated that way.

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