Omnifocus beckons me. The idea of a robust system for managing tasks and projects is very appealing. the lure of being able to keep track of anything and everything in one central place is enticing. I think about how great that would be for work. I could keep all the projects and tasks I need to get done in their own little place.

Then I think, yes, that would be great. However, I’d have to invest the time to set up those little cubbies to place all the items I need to get done. I’d need to list the tasks. I’d need to have a relatively static list of tasks to assign and list. In short, I need to have some idea what my day will look like.

When I worked in print, we’d have daily production meetings to manage the jobs we had in-house and what jobs we expected to receive. By the end of the meeting, our plan was scrap paper. IT Support is the same way.

I can sit and plan out a very pretty list of tasks to carry out for the day. I can rank them and categorize them. I can sit down at my desk to start on Task 1… and a hard drive fails in the laptop of a reporter on deadline. Or malware infests the computer of a manager. Or my personal favorite, a new hire gets announced within 8 business hours of their start date.

Plan meet can. Into the circular file it goes.