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I’m always a sucker for advice pieces, especially when they are directed from adults to children. Unsolicited Advice for My Three Sons, In No Particular Order is full of greats bits of advice but one stuck out to me more than the rest.

Names are a door handle to a person; that small little effort opens them up.

This is great advice, and something I use as much as I can, especially when talking to people over the phone. I work in a help desk environment and people feel dehumanized by the entire process so it’s nice to converse using each others names and not just a caller/callee relationship.

We’re both people and it’s important to remember that. We have feelings and we are working towards the same outcome. But it’s important for life too.

I try to take note of anyone with a name tag and thank them using their name. It’s fun to see the surprise in their face when I use their name when they didn’t give it to me.

I had the same feeling one day and I asked a customer when I worked in retail how he knew my name, he motioned to my name tag and winked. I had totally forgotten I had my name on my chest.

Ford won’t let Tesla bring the SEXY back

Joe Steel cracked the Tesla car code on Twitter earlier today.

Turns out he was right. USA Today reports:

CEO Elon Musk told shareholders Tuesday that a friend joked to him that with the S and the X, all Tesla needed was the E. “It kind of stuck even though we were just kidding.” The name Model E was talked about as the designation for the third model. Then, “Ford called and said they were going to sue us for using ‘Model E,'” Musk said. “They are killing SEX.”

Ford is no fun and has no sense of humor.

But, it’s still a shame that the S-E-X naming structure was never, um, consummated. Musk says the company even took a trademark on Model Y.

RIP SEXY car line. Long Live S3XY car line.

Identity is a weird thing.

At birth, we are given a name. Our parents choose it for us.

Later, we can change it. We can take a new name from someone we love. Or change it entirely at will.

Our name in the real world can be different from the names we choose for ourselves.

To my family I am Son, Carl, Honey, Brother.

To my friends I’ve been Carl, C, Big C, Carlito, and Carlos.

To my gaming friends I am peroty.

To the rest of the world I am nothing. I don’t exist and I am no one.