…make some great art!

After dinner earlier this week, my wife saw some art work in display from local schools in the mall where we ate. We had a few minutes before closing so we went to check out what the kids were up to.

8-bit art

There was some really cool artwork. There are some insanely talented young artists in the area. And it’s good to see their work being displayed in public. I can only imagine how exciting it is to go to the mall with your parents and see your painting or project hanging there.

We saw a ton of work from local Elementary and Middle schools. Each school or class had work based on a theme. For the younger kids, it was a book or certain style. I remember seeing a whole wall of giraffes after a book the kids read. They were a lot of fun.

Low Poly art

The older kids had some breath-taking paintings and some low-poly art, a personal favorite of mine. There was one artist in particular whose portrait of Marilyn Manson was astounding. This girl has a future ahead of her.

We used our 15 minutes before mall security ushered us towards the door. There was so much more to see since there are so many schools in our county. This is always weird to me, since I grew up in a county with two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.


Seeing more than a dozen displays from elementary aged was exciting for the depth and variety of artwork on display. The same goes for the middle-schoolers. There were so many things I never knew existed when I was their age. So many art styles made possible by computers and techniques I didn’t learn about until years later.

I’m happy to see such a rich art education in the local schools. There are some great art teachers in the area and they’re doing good work.