I read a lot. There are some great writers out there that not everyone is reading. I wanted to share a few of them with you.

Sid O’Neill writes about needing to take time off to be with your family. Especially after the birth of a child.

Here’s what I think: time with your family isn’t some fun bonus extra that you get to do if you work hard enough at the things that actually matter, like playing baseball in front of millions of people. I think that it should be your starting point: your priority. This is the weird sickness that has crept into our society — this idea that the most important thing we do is what brings home the bacon.

Zac Szewczyk comes to terms with riding on the backs of others without adding anything. Always add something. We come to your site to read your words. It’s good that you read other people and agree with them. But have something else to say too. Your voice is just as important as your idols.

“It’s my goal never to use a pull-quote in a link blog post. If I can’t add to the surrounding conversation, I shouldn’t be linking to it.”

Scotty Loveless reminds us that we all have talents and skills. We can all make good things. We need to stop comparing ourselves to our idols. They were starting out once too. They were the little guy before they got big. Make things you’re happy with. Make them because they make you happy. And share what you’ve made. All good lessons I learned far too late in life.

I will not compare my creation to that of anyone else, because I can create something no one else can. Some are ahead of me, some behind, for we are all travelers on different legs of the same journey. I will learn to celebrate those ahead of me, encouraging them to keep going, and help those that are behind me, encouraging them to stay strong. The success of others does not inherently label failure upon myself, unless I let it. The popularity of another does not imbue unpopularity upon me.

What have you been reading lately? Who could use a boost in confidence? Tell someone you’ve enjoyed their words. Share their words with a wider audience. Even within our little bubbles there is overlap. Bring someone’s words to a new audience.