There’s a new social network out. It doesn’t offer anything out of the box that I’m not getting already.

If I move there, I have to bring my friends with me. And they’re not going to move. They’re happy with using, or not using a social network already. 

I have people I already follow online. They’re on Twitter. Or they’re on Facebook. Or they hang out in Slack channels. 

But they’re not going to join something new without the most compelling feature. Friends. was first. It promised an ad-free experience.

Ello showed up with its black & white palette. 

Peach is the new kid on the block. It has magic words and this week’s attention. 

These places are the malls of today. If my friends are there, I’ll hang out with them. But if I go and there’s nobody I know, I’m not going to stick around.