It’s important to run a smart digital campaign for President. Following Ian Patrick Hines online provides me a glimpse into the world of political strategy, design and campaign tools. Seriously, follow him on Twitter.

The election for President is not until November 2016. But some reason, the summer of 2015 is the time to announce a run for presidency. From my ignorance into the subject, it seems like that would just give your opponents over a year to find every single misstep you make or have made in your life.

Instead of waiting until later this year, or even early next, now is the time to place a gigantic microscope over the head of you and your families. I don’t get it. But sure enough, we’ve not been disappointed so far.

While I do not follow the campaigns yet, because I won’t start caring about the election until about midway through 2016 when the field thins and we have an idea of who the real front-runners are going to be.

But it would seem to me that buying up the major top-level

  • leads to a page that says:


  • takes you directly for
  • leads to a page listing how many people she laid off while at HP. There is a 🙁 face for every person. There are 30,000 frowns with the following below it:

    That’s 30,000 people she laid off. People with families. And what does she say she would have done differently?
    “I would have done them all faster.”
    —Carly Fiorina

I’m sure these won’t be the first domain-related hijinx of the election season. Remember, when you’re considering a run for President, at least spend the money on the major top-level domains.

Photo credit Jamie King