I woke this morning with aching feet and half-closed eyes. I rolled out of bed and into my morning routine.
Until I looked out the window.

Seven floors below, in the still-filling pool was a single duck. This little fellow was swimming playfully to and fro in the crystal clear waters. The only disturbance was his webbed feet propelling him forward.

I watched this duck for a couple of minutes paddling to and fro. This happy duck seemingly without a care in the world. Swimming in the pool. Dunking his head beneath the water and shaking the excess off.

I wanted to be this duck. So carefree. So happy. Without burden of responsibility.

I wanted to be swimming back and forth in a crystal clear pool this morning.

Instead, I finished dressing, made a quick lunch and dashed out the door. Off to start the chaos of a Monday morning.

All the while, still thinking of the duck. In the pool. Happily splashing.